Ommar Hannan

Mar 7, 2021

3 min read

Udacity Data Visualisation project

Improving an existing visualisation for Capstone Project


For this project, I chose to review the visualization for renewables vs fossil fuels in Europe dataset (

My view is that the visualization is too simple and does not allow the reader to understand what is really happening in Europe, particularly on a regional or country basis.

Hence, I decided to convert this into a dashboard which gives the user ability to look at data on a regional or city basis to get a real understanding of the trends and what is driving changes in adoption of renewables vs fossil fuels.

Problem Statement

The problem statement that I will address is: Are Renewables taking over Fossil Fuels share of electricity production in Europe and who is driving the change in share of production?

Design phase of dashboard

Audience Attributes

  • Intended to help companies and those interested in the renewable energy market to understand whether Renewables are overtaking Fossil Fuels share of electricity production in Europe
  • Intended to help above users understand which regions or area are driving the change in share of production
  • Dashboard is intended to look at longer range trends (strategic) vs regular refresh (tactical)

Audience Motivations

  • Users would want to have a simple and interactive dashboard that allows them to drill down and understand what is driving the answers to questions above
  • The specific questions that dashboard will address:

i) What is the share of renewable energy production by year?

ii) What is the share of renewable energy production by type of fossil fuel by year?

iii) What is the split of renewable energy production by country by year?

Necessary Data

The source of data will be from the Makeover Monday website (link above)

Exploratory Data Analysis and Limitations

The main limitations of the data as recognized in the data source file are:

  • 2019 and 2020 data is a best view
  • Data is based on multiple data sources which could affect accuracy
  • There are some potential classification issues for data in Netherlands and Italy and less quality coverage of small gas and bioenergy plants across most countries

Wireframing and Prototype

I created the attached wireframes/layouts to experiment on the layout that would have best impact.

Layout 1
Layout 2
Final Layout

Final Dashboard Design

The final dashboard design is shown below. It improves on the previous design in several ways:

  • Provides greater depth on problem statement so user can see real drivers
  • Interactive charts that enable user to explore the data based on interest
  • Provides different lens of the data on one page making it easier for user to see trends
  • Key messages in more depth to user gets more context
Final Dashboard Design